1,Product parameter:

Product Name Color Pre-coated  Galvanized Coil
Material Grade DX51D DX52D SGCC SPCC
Surface Treatment Color Pre-coated
Color All Ral Color or as customized
Top Coating Thickness 15μm-25μm
Back Coating Thickness 5μm-20μm
Thickness 0.12mm-1.2mm
Width 600mm-1500mm or as customized
Package Standard seaworthy export package
Original Port Tianjin Port
Delivery Time 7-15 working days after got the deposit


Cold-rolled pre-painted steel coil is a type of steel coil produced during the cold-rolling process, with a layer of pre-applied coating on its surface. The coating can be customized according to customer demands, such as polyester, silicone-modified polyester, polyurethane, polyamide, PVC, etc. Cold-rolled pre-painted steel coils usually provide different coating thicknesses and color choices to meet various customer needs.


Cold-rolled pre-painted steel coils have the following characteristics:

1,Good corrosion resistance: The surface coating of the steel coil has good corrosion resistance, which can resist the corrosion and oxidation of most chemicals.

2,High strength and stiffness: Cold-rolled pre-painted steel coils have high strength and stiffness, which can withstand pressure and external forces without deformation or damage.

3,Good formability: Cold-rolled pre-painted steel coils have good formability, which can be easily processed into various shapes and sizes of parts.

4,Aesthetics: Cold-rolled pre-painted steel coils have a beautiful surface and can be coated in various colors according to customer needs, increasing the aesthetics of the product.

5,Environmentally friendly: The surface coating of the steel coil is made of environmentally friendly paint, which does not contain harmful substances and meets environmental requirements.

In summary, cold-rolled pre-painted steel coils are widely used in multiple fields such as construction, home appliances, transportation, and metal products, due to their excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, good formability, aesthetics, and environmental friendliness.

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